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Partner wanted

Sunet is expanding its sales activities and is looking for partners in Europa.

Why become a Sunet partner?

The market for solar modules has been shrinking significantly since the fourth quarter of 2023. There is a price war. Prices continue to fall and companies are finding it increasingly difficult. At Sunet, we are at the source and target niche markets that every partner can benefit from.

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Own products
in our own factories

Fair revenue models and personal support from the CEO Edison Solar Energie from Geleen is a private company founded by Boer Energy from Wuxi. Boer supplies industrial products and solutions such as solar farms and produces solar panels and batteries.

As a partner you work at the source!


We train partners to be the best salespeople and smartest technicians

In these times where nothing is taken for granted anymore and customers do not cycle by on their own, it is important to follow thorough sales training.

As the basis of the sales training, technical knowledge always comes first


Eerlijke earning models and personal support by the CEO

Do business with the source and the margins increase enormously. We help you create a realistic business plan and support you in good and bad times

We prefer to see an annual activity plan than just talking about turnover targets!

Register if you want to support us as a sales partner or installer

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