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About Sunet

"We are doing our part to ensure that as many families and companies as possible benefit from renewable energy"

Our assets

Years of experience in thesolar energy
We are a manufacturer of solar panels, Plug & Play, IR panels & home batteries
Experienced and highly trained installers in our network
Highest quality materials - Tier1
We are a Dutch company based in Geleen
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Energy sector under heavy pressure

In order not to always do the same as our valued colleagues, Sunet has decided to develop products that consumers can install themselves. Our solar panel with a plug, the Solarpad, is a ready-made plug & play product. The customer quickly saves 330 KWh with 1 product (the panel delivers 380Wp). We also supply 720 Watt or 1200 Watt infrared panels that can replace conventional gas heating.

"Customers with a large garden, a flat roof or a balcony can significantly reduce their energy bill with the help of the Solarpad!"

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